Breast Pads BBH Ecopads - Set of 3 Pairs
  • Breast Pads BBH Ecopads - Set of 3 Pairs

Breast Pads BBH Ecopads - Set of 3 Pairs

Brand: Baby BeeHinds
Product Code: Ecopads Breast Pads
Availability: In Stock

Breast Pads; Experience Baby BeeHinds own range of luxurious, reusable breast pads! Easy to use, super absorbent & so much nicer on those sensitive nipples! A small stash of these, will save your back pocket & your nipples!


You’ll Love These Because:


No Leaks – Waterproof Soft Outer layer will keep your clothes dry & embarrassment free. The same water-resistant layer we use in our nappies for the ultimate in dry boobies


Stay-Dry Layer – Layer of soft micro-fleece keeps your nipples feeling dry as the moisture is wicked away quickly.

Classic Colour – A simple classic white colour, these puppies can hide under anything

Ultra Absorbent Inner – Our custom-made bamboo/organic fleece dual layers will catch & hold those unexpected leaks & can be used overnight.

These pads come to you in a value pack of 3 x pairs for just $28.00 select your option below. We recommend 10-12 pairs.


Colour: White 


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