Sick of wasting money on disposable breast pads?

Usage will depend on leakage. Early in the nursing relationship, most mothers leak a lot. You'll find you will have to change your breast pads a couple of times a day.  As breastfeeding continues and supply settles down, many mothers find they can easily go through the day using only one set of pads, changing them at bedtime.

Breast pads must be changed frequently (maximum of every 10-12hrs) or when wet, to prevent infection.  If your breast pad is wet, change it!  The moist environment is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and thrush.

For best care, wash the breast pads in a delicates bag and dry with low heat.  To prevent infection or thrush through cross contamination it is recommended that you wash your breast pads with clothing not cloth nappies.

The edges may fray slightly from wash and wear.

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