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Love Bubs Breast Pads 3 pair Set + Mesh Washbag

Love Bubs Breast Pads 3 pair Set + Mesh Washbag

Product Code: Love Bubs
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Reusable Breast/Nursing Pads

These gorgeous little pads have 4 layers: 

- First a lovely soft Microfleece to draw moisture away from the skin to the absorbent part of the breast pad, and because it does not hold moisture, it feels dry, keeping your skin dry. 

- Second we have a SUPER thirsty Bamboo fleece. 

- Third is the PUL "PolyUrethane Laminate" (waterproof) layer to stop any soaking through.

- Lastly and most importantly, printed fabric on top to make them pretty.

$28.00 set of 3 pairs ( six on total ) comes with a mesh wash bag! )

Please note – pattern placement may differ slightly to that pictured.


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