Crimson Cloth Creations

Crimson Cloth Creations

Crimson Cloth Creations Pads are designed and handmade by Moana from her home in Hamilton, New Zealand. 
She is passionate about living creatively and in harmony with the environment. 
Moana found out about Cloth while looking for alternative ways to cut down on household costs. She tried making cloth menstrual pads as an experiment and had never experienced a more luxurious and comfortable cycle! After her first Pad experience there will be no going back to disposables! 

Crimson Cloth Creations Pads have gone through a design process that has produced a range of cloth pads that are designed to fit the contours of the body and to appeal to the whole gender spectrum. Crimson Cloth Creations pads also feature a Hemp fleece core which is thinner than most absorbent cores. This ensures the pad is not too bulky and has a barely there effect when worn. The backing is water resistant, anti-pill Microfleece which is soft, plush and leak proof! 

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Crimson Cloth - 9" Regular
9" (23cm) Regular Cloth Pad.  The width of the Liner when snapped together is 2.5" (5.5cm) acr..
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Crimson Cloth - 11" Heavy
This is an 11" (28cm) Heavy Pad.  The width of the pad when snapped together is 2.5" (6.5cm) a..
Crimson Cloth - 9" Heavy
This is an 9" (22.86cm) Heavy Pad.  The width of the pad when snapped together is 2.5" (6.5cm)..
1 reviews


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