Crimson Cloth - 9" Heavy
  • Crimson Cloth - 9" Heavy
  • Crimson Cloth - 9" Heavy
  • Crimson Cloth - 9" Heavy

Crimson Cloth - 9" Heavy

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This is an 9" (22.86cm) Heavy Pad. 
The width of the pad when snapped together is 2.5" (6.5cm) across.


  • 100% Cotton topped
  • Core - 3 Layers of Hemp Fleece
  • Backed with Anti-pill Microfleece
  • Extra Snap to fit underwear and to fold up nicely
  • Pads are marked with a Red Ribbon to indicate Heavy absorbency.
  • Topper is double stitched to core for added absorption, it also creates channels for your flow for added protection from side leakages. 

Fabric Care: 

  • Rinse in cold water after use and store in a dry Laundry bag until washing required or store in a bucket to soak in cold water. Change soaking water daily until it is time to wash.
  • Always wash in cold - warm water.
  • Do not wash with fabric softener. Fabric softener will clog your pad and stop it from absorbing.

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