Levant Sponge

Levant Sponge

Size approx. 5-6cm. The sponge is a natural product and thus may vary slightly in form and size.

Content: 1 sponge

How to use and treat the menstrual sponge
The sponge is a natural product. In contrast to tampons, it will neither dry up the vagina nor injure the mucosa, when used. Maybe you know the feeling, when the application of the tampon becomes harder and more painful in the last days of menstruation, because the tampon absorbs all of the natural vaginal fluids. Prior first usage you can soak the sponge in vinegar and water, to neutralise the pH. Every following time the sponge is used, it just needs to be moistenised with water, drained and inserted in the vagina with two clean fingers. The sponge can be pushed upwards towards the cervix with the middle finger, just as a tampon would be inserted. The sponge's form will adapt to the vagina. If you feel the sponge is too big, you may cut it in shape as you please. But please do so only after you tried the sponge and realised how small it will become, when it is moist and squeezed. The sponge can easily be inserted and extracted using two clean fingers.
Tip: If you contract the pelvic floor musculature as if urinating, the sponge will be pressed outwards a bit and extraction will be easier. Please be assured that the sponge cannot just vanish. The only opening is the cervix, no wider than a few millimeters.
When the sponge is completely soaked, please rinse under cold running water, so the blood will not clot. Rests of mucus that keep sticking to the sponge will be removed more easily with warm water. The mucus is transparent and consists of the uterine mucosa that is shed during menstruation and will be renewed in the new starting cycle.

How often the sponge must be drained and washed depends on the intensity of the menstrual blood flow. ¾ of the whole menstrual blood will be lost in the first 48 h of menstruation. Therefore, during the first two days it may be necessary to wash the sponge after 2-3 hours already. When the blood flow subsides, the sponge may stay inside for 4-6 hours before washing. The changing rate is similar to a regular tampon. Before re-insertion the sponge can be soaked in warm water - some women prefer soaking in warm water before draining, because the sponge will be comfortably warm.


IMPORTANT: If you suffer from vaginal infection, please refrain from using the sponge and use an all new sponge after successful treatment of the infection.


Sustainable product
This is the finest quality natural sponge from the Levantine coast - thus the name Levantine - harvested from sustainable and certified breeding areas ("picked"). The roots remain here so that the sponges can grow. So for an intact ecological balance of the marine fauna will be provided. Subsequently, the sponges are refined by gentle maceration and bleaching.


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