Me Luna Shorty Medium Soft - Ball Grip
  • Me Luna Shorty Medium Soft - Ball Grip
  • Me Luna Shorty Medium Soft - Ball Grip
  • Me Luna Shorty Medium Soft - Ball Grip

Me Luna Shorty Medium Soft - Ball Grip

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For women with special menstrual cup needs, they have developed the Me Luna® SHORTY. The Me Luna® SHORTY is shorter than the standard model, and is available in 4 sizes: SHORTY S, SHORTY M, SHORTY L and SHORTY XL. It is designed for women whose vagina is shorter (for example, as a result of uterine prolapse). We currently only stock the small and medium sizes.

Degrees of softness: Classic, Soft
Grip options: ball, ring, stem

The shape of the Me Luna® SHORTY is slightly different from the "normal" Me Luna® cups, it is shorter. The removal of the Me Luna® SHORTY might require a little more practice.
This cup is recommended for women whose vagina is very short, or whose cervix is located near the entrance of the vagina. Very slightly built women who have never had sexual intercourse, and women have a uterine prolapse should try the Me Luna® SHORTY.

Me Luna® Soft
The material of the soft Me Luna® has a softness of 30 Shore, and is therefore 25% softer than Me Luna® Classic. This material feels very soft and can be compressed quite easily. However, this means that the material does not have as much tension as the Me Luna® Classic, and therefore sometimes does not "pop open" inside the vagina as easily. Using a Me Luna® Soft usually requires more practice than using the Me Luna® Classic.
If the pressure of the vaginal muscles around Me Luna® Soft is too strong, there is a risk that the cup will not properly unfold inside the vagina. Me Luna® Soft is recommended for women whose pelvic floor muscles may not be quite as strong. Women with normal pelvic musculature should choose Me Luna® Classic.

Who should choose Me Luna® Soft?
Me Luna® Soft was developed for women who are particularly sensitive, and for women whose pelvic floor muscles are less developed:
- Women who find using tampons uncomfortable, causing pressure or pain
- Women who are particularly sensitive to pressure and pain
- Women whose pelvic floor muscles are less developed

The grip options - Stem, ball, or ring?

  • The ring is easy to grasp and can make removal easier, so it is often preferred by beginners.
  • The ball is the most popular grip style.
  • The stem is recommended for women who prefer to wear Me Luna® very deep, or whose cervix is positioned very far back in the vagina. Beginners who are anxious about removing Me Luna® might prefer the stem grip. By the way - if the stem is too long or bothersome, it can be easily trimmed to your preferred length.

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