Me Luna

Me Luna

Eco-friendly, practical, inexpensive ... A menstrual cup offers many advantages. Me Luna have the right one for you!

Me Luna® size, softness, grip ... what works for me?

Me Luna® comes in a wide range of styles and sizes a very for good reason: Every woman is different!

For any menstrual cup to be effective, choosing the right size is vital.
A cup that is too small ...

  • will not seal properly
  • may slide down or twist
  • can be difficult to remove when placed very deep    


A cup that is too large ...

  • cannot fully unfold inside the vagina
  • can cause discomfort or even pain

To choose the right size, several factors should be considered:

BIRTHS:  Because the vagina is stretched when giving birth, it may change shape, meaning that a larger cup is needed. In most cases, after a vaginal birth you will have to change to the next larger Me Luna® size.

PHYSIQUE:  Small, petite women often use sizes S or M. Women who are tall and strong tend to prefer larger sizes. Body size and stature seem to have an impact on the required size of a menstrual cup.

FITNESS LEVEL:  Sports activities affect overall stability of your connective tissue, as well as general muscle tone. Sports and exercise have a strengthening effect on the pelvic floor muscles, particularly horseback riding, yoga, Pilates, Kegel exercises, and pole dancing. Women who have stronger pelvic floor muscles usually prefer a smaller menstrual cup.

AGE:  It is commonly said that the size of choice for menstrual cups is dependent on age, with the reason that muscle tone decreases with age and therefore older women will need a larger menstrual cup. However, our evidence leads us to believe that there is no demonstrable connection between age and the need for larger menstrual cups.
Women with small physiques, whose stature has not changed and have had no vaginal births, may well use size S until menopause. Similarly, a young woman might be tall and strong, and might use Me Luna® size L successfully from a young age.

For women who have never had sexual intercourse, we recommend the size S (possibly Me Luna® SHORTY S)

Check out this handy size guide


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Me Luna Medium Soft - Ball Grip
Dimensions: greatest diameter 41mm, length 48mm without grip. Volume: 28ml to the brim, 20ml to the..


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