SckoonCup - Meditation
  • SckoonCup - Meditation

SckoonCup - Meditation

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No box or wasteful packaging! SckoonCup ECOPAC is a plain, recycled ziplock package with our organic cotton pouch and user guide. By selecting this simple solution, you can help our planet along with choosing a reusable Sckoon Menstrual Cup.

Made of softer & squishier medical grade silicone, SckoonCup is easier for insert/removal even for beginners and those who could not use other menstrual cups.

SckoonCup is a menstrual cup with advanced molding technology and design. Smooth outer curve without any bumps, easy to clean suction holes for maximum capacity and comfort. Along with a squishy soft cup and super flexible stem...all for your ultimate comfort.

Size 1:  Small, for women who haven’t previously given birth vaginally.  

Size 2:  Large, for women who have given birth vaginally.

Comes with an organic cotton pouch.

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We are a New Zealand store set up with the intention of bringing you the most stunning and reliable reusable menstrual products available.  Each brand has been carefully chosen for its uniqueness and reputation.

We hope that we offer something new to those who have been using reusable products for a while and encourage those who aren't sure, to give them a go!

~ Luxury Every Month ~


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