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From Kaitilyn from V-Cups - 

The V-CUP™ is a big step forward in women’s feminine hygiene products. It’s a reusable menstrual cup that collects your flow worry-free while you’re out there living life. The V-CUP™ is easy to use – just fold your cup and insert into the vagina like you would a tampon. It holds menstrual fluid for up to 12 hours; four to eight hours longer than a tampon. The sleek reusable cups are made from 100% medical-grade silicone, so it’s smooth against the delicate skin of your vagina and allergen-free. We believe that your body is more than just a number: instead of asking you to calculate complicated sizing, we simply include both size cups in every package, small-medium and medium-large.

Unlike a tampon, which gets filled and begins to leak after just a few hours, a menstrual cup can collect up to a full ounce of liquid. That capacity might sound unimpressive, and we know what some of you are thinking. You expect even my heavy flow to fit in a tiny one-ounce cup without leaking? Yeah right, sister. I’m a super-absorbent kind of gal and I still have issues keeping that flow from ruining undies and sheets. The great news is that most women only produce about one or two ounces of blood TOTAL throughout the duration of each cycle. And that measly-sounding one ounce of liquid a menstrual cup can handle at a time is actually five times greater than the amount which maxes out a tampon. The flexible little cup gets inserted, filled, removed, emptied. Rinse & repeat, pretty straightforward. But the benefits go beyond its convenience.

Better for the Environment
Imagine you’re on your period, if you use five disposable pads or tampons every day for five days, that’s 300 a year! This adds up to an astounding 10,000 in the span of your lifetime! Because it’s reusable, using a menstrual cup eliminates the products we would otherwise be consuming and then disposing of in the landfill. Eco-friendly period? Check!

Better for You
Instead of exposing the delicate skin of your vagina to abrasive cloths soaked in chlorine, BPA, adhesives, and fragrances, go additive-free with medical grade silicone.

Embrace the Learning Curve
Between choosing the right size and learning how to properly insert one, it may not feel like smooth sailing from the get go, but it’s worth the effort! A menstrual cup also invites you to get familiar with the monthly workings of your vagina; for women who tend to shy away from down-there topics, it’ll take some getting used to. There are a lot of advantages in switching to a cup, but you’re the only one who can decide what is right for you.

We also offer a cleansing wash that pairs perfectly with your V-CUP™ menstrual cup the specially formulated V-CUP™ Cleansing Wash—a perfect way to care for your menstrual cup. The Cleansing Wash is an all-natural sanitary solution that cleanses your cup in between uses and at the end of each period. With its concentrated solution, thick lather, and delicate Lemon Verbena scent, the Cleansing Wash will leave you feeling fresh and clean. It’s so gentle that you can also enjoy it as a face wash or body gel.

Better for you, better for your wallet, better for the environment.


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