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Modibodi™ Swimwear: Bikini Bottoms
  • Modibodi™ Swimwear: Bikini Bottoms
  • Modibodi™ Swimwear: Bikini Bottoms

Modibodi™ Swimwear: Bikini Bottoms

Brand: Modibodi
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Modibodi™ Swimwear; your clever new Modibodi Togs! 

Size Tween Y12 - 14 Y14 -16 | Adult Size 6 to 18


This leak-proof swimwear is as sassy as it is sustainable. Wear these togs from the beach or pool to the cafe or shops to protect you from those sneaky pelvic floor mishaps or light periods and spotting. With innovative Modifier Swim Technology, this means your water-resistant swimmers dry super fast, won’t stain and fights odour too.

The Modibodi™ Swimwear range comes in two sassy styles:

Swim bikini bottoms: These swim bikini bottoms were designed to pair perfectly with whatever you choose to wear on top. The built-in the super-slim gusset holds 10ml (2 teaspoons/1-2 tampons) so you’re protected from awkward pelvic floor leaks or a light period. Have fun in the sun in this UPF50+ rated bikini brief. (NOTE: Bikini top in picture NOT included).

WASHING: Rinse after use, then cold wash with the rest of your laundry. No Fabric Softeners please! Hang Dry, Reuse. EASY!

SIZING: Same as your usual swimwear. Please note that size 6 & 8 are very similar to the Teens & Tweens Y12-14 and Y14-16 respectively. 


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