Travel Wet/Dry Bag - Enchanted Unicorn

Travel Wet/Dry Bag - Enchanted Unicorn

Brand: Planet Wise
Product Code: Planet Wise
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The Travel Wet/Dry Bag is perfect for mama cloth! 

This is the easiest way to travel and be discreet while using washable menstrual pads. The Planet Wise Travel Wet/Dry Bag has a zippered "dry" section to keep your clean ready to use pads in plus a zippered "wet" section to keep your soiled pads in while out and about. The "wet" section has the same great no-leak design so you can trust that all that you need to stay inside the bag will!

Travel Wet/Dry Bags are made with a high quality polyurethane laminate (PUL) that is anti-microbial and inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi.
It is small enough to keep in your purse or nappy bag yet discreet enough to be carried alone to the bathroom without anyone noticing. What a perfect solution!

You don't use Mama pads? Well, it also works great for just about anything you need on the go! Jewellery, snacks, cosmetics, travel... It is so petite it fits just about anywhere!

Dimensions: 24cm (9.5") x 11.5cm (4.5")


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